We Love Pets!

About Sitter:

Hi - we're Andrew & Bev a married couple living in Perth WA. Both semi retired teachers & ready for an adventure. We've lived & worked in Australia & the UK. Done loads of travelling & housesitting but we've never been to Tassie & we think it's time! Our 2 young adult daughters live with us & they are very much looking forward to some time on their own! We have always had pets - currently a beautiful rescue dog Billie. We even have experience looking after farm animals & confident we can handle anything required.
Before we purchased our home in the UK we housesat for quite a few people. We pride ourselves on being fastidiously clean & on showering your pet with love & exercise if necessary. We love cycling, walking, going to the beach, doing classes at the gym (well I do!), cafes & the occasional restaurant out. I love cooking & would hope to do a few of these things if we stay in your house. We're also keen gardeners & my husband Andrew is an absolute handyman.... I prefer to watch with a cup of tea at the ready! He's happy to do any odd jobs you might require but in a nutshell we'd love to look after your home - your pets & enjoy the surroundings. Ideally we'd love to be somewhere that is peaceful, with a view or by the beach or river. Call me anytime for a chat about how we can help each other......Bev & Andrew.

Since Nov 2023
  • House Sitter Name: Bev
  • Are You: Couple
  • Region: East
  • Location: Anywhere with a scenic view or near a beach or river.
  • Preferred Location: Anywhere with a scenic view or near a beach or river.
  • Preferred Hours: Contact anytime via email. By phone up to 21:30