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We know you’re curious, who is behind House Sitting Tasmania?

Hello! Welcome to House Sitting Tasmania.

After 5 years, overseas travels, a wedding, and many adventures we packed up our lives for a life on the road together in September 2014. We were in a rut, lived in the same rental for over 3 years, we went to work, came home and generally did the same thing day in, day out. We needed a change, and to challenge ourselves. We needed to get out of our comfort zone for longer than just another trip overseas. We had some debt, and large medical expenses so we weren't quite ready to buy a home or set some roots down. We really wanted change in our life, something that would go against the status quo and a brand new adventure.

We needed to get out of the rental market and the general rat race of life. We also needed to give up renting to get ahead financially and this was where house sitting came in. Inspiration was drawn from a close friend who house sat in Brisbane, Queensland who said: you have nothing to lose. Do it! So after two days of talking we realised this exciting opportunity was a big risk, and we just had to take the leap. This was about to be the biggest, but the best decision in our lives we could have ever made. We began the mammoth task of packing and storing our belongings and on the 13th of September 2014 we walked out the door of our rental and never looked back.

Rachel & Shaun from House Sitting TasmaniaHouse sit assignment number one conveniently began a few streets away in West Hobart, and we shared the company with Rosa, a beautiful Border collie and Eva the kitten. We spent the entire first weekend answering a number of enquiries and booking requests. We were busy!

Our mission has always been to fill a need, put smiles on people’s faces, as their homes and pets are given the genuine love and care they need while away. Allowing owners to have a well-deserved holiday with peace of mind. Pets are much happier and calmer in their own environment, and after 5 years of having no animals while renting we spoiled pets with plenty of deserving affection and adoration during our stay! We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities, the beautiful homes we got to experience and the wonderful pets that brought joy to our lives. House sitting also provided us with new friendship networks and the adventure we yearned for, but also enabled us to learn, grow together and solidify our relationship together even more.

It often felt like we were on holiday too! It was so liberating to know we could travel whenever we wanted to, and explore new places. We discovered that giving back to people and communities creates a loop of giving and receiving that has had exponential benefits for everyone concerned.

In the very beginning we signed up to other house sitting websites to further our bookings, and a friend encouraged us to take the idea with a Facebook page. Whilst we were hesitant, the move paid off as within the first 24 hours of going live we had 300 followers and an inbox bursting full of enquiries! Our original business, Hobart House Sitting was born. We designed our service to cater for home owners in the Hobart and greater areas. We have always prided ourselves on being highly professional, with a completely personalised and a very friendly, accessible service. Ever since, there has been no shortage of bookings to the point where began seeking and recruiting other house sitters to join us so we could service the incredible demand. We became quickly aware that we had found a specific niche in an untapped market and realised that a high demand of house sits were not being met or catered to. So after 6 months we decided to explore the prospect of creating a community platform to offer the same experience to those we couldn't assist and extend the opportunity to others.

We began to create a platform so that home owners and house sitters could connect with each other in a local community for house sitting in Tasmania. We wanted Tasmanians to experience the incredibly unique and rewarding benefits of house sitting like we did. We developed such a great reputation locally and statewide with home owners, the demand for our service completely surpassed our ability to provide it. Therefore, we give you House Sitting Tasmania.

We finished our house sitting adventure in August 2016, and our community has grown threefold! We are very proud of what has been achieved so far and how our experience continues to touch so many people. House Sitting Tasmania is now at the helm under Rachel, and an even better website and adventure is coming - watch this space!


Thank you so much for visiting us! Make yourself at home.

Rachel & Shaun.

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