Single 50yo lady with 2 gentle giant felines

About Sitter:

I am a 50yo animal lover who has always taken in animals in need.
I am looking to purchase a home with 2-5 acres in the Deloraine region.
I have 2 beautifully gentle male cats and we love being in the outdoors and having so much wildlife around us!
I work from home for a bank and go to the office in Launceston one day every 2 weeks.
I need good internet due to this, but it also means your animals will have someone home to look after them all the time.
Currently, I am renting in Low Head and the lease has just run out so I am now able to relocate to the Meander Valley.
I have great references and look forward to looking after as many animals possible!!

Since Sep 2023
  • House Sitter Name: Rachael
  • Are You: Female
  • Region: North
  • Location: Within 15 mins of Deloraine
  • Preferred Location: Within 15 mins of Deloraine