About Sitter:

HI, i am a middle age single-sitter, who loves to travel and visit different places, I've travelled heaps over seas, but also appreciate visiting different parts of Tassie. I have always had pets, particularly dogs and cats and as I child I grew up on a farm with a wide range of animals. During my career I worked as a teacher, but am now happily retired.
I love genealogy, history, walks, reading, movies and meeting new people. I keep a nice neat and tidy house, but appreciate lots of play time with my pet company.
I own my own home and have a car, so travel is not a problem.
Please contact me if you think I could be of help.

Since Sep 2023
  • House Sitter Name: Sally
  • Are You: Female
  • Region: South, South East, East, West, North, North West, Central
  • Location: Any
  • Preferred Location: Any
  • Preferred Hours: Email preferred