Retired Professional Couple

About Sitter:

We are coming to Tassie from Canada in December and January to visit with our son & daughter-in-law in Hobart. We welcome a chance to house sit for a week or so when we are there, ideally sometime between Dec. 30-Jan. 10. We are open to several days: it does not have to be the entire time.

We are keen walkers and outdoor folk, enjoying birds and the natural world at home and abroad. At home we live rurally on a small island on the west coast, not far from Vancouver. We have a lovely, gentle black lab and a quail as pets currently but are comfortable with most animals and their care. We worked in the healthcare and education fields when working fulltime, preferring now to make fishing rods and provision kayaking trips. We also have a number of grandchildren close by who we enjoy spending time with when we can.

We house sat in Hobart one previous trip and loved the experience. We are careful, tidy and also quite handy so the are not too many situations which flummox us!! Hope to hear from you.

Since Nov 2023
  • House Sitter Name: Sarah
  • Are You: Couple
  • Region: South
  • Location: Hobart
  • Preferred Location: Hobart
  • Preferred Hours: Given the time change, email is the best contact to start.