Retired health professional

About Sitter:

Retired phlebotomist. I have recently returned to Tasmania, after living back in UK for a few years. So travelling around housesitting to see where I want to settle.
I did live in Oatlands, Bagdad and Huon valley previously. So will consider sitting almost anywhere, although I do not have a car just yet. So if you are very remote, probably unsuitable for now.
I have always had dogs and cats. But experienced with horses, chickens, ducks and also wildlife rescue. Having rearing orphaned wallabies, pademelons and wombats ready for rereleasing.
I do have one or two gaps in my diary before Christmas, feel free to contact me if you have a trip coming up in near future.

Since Jul 2022
  • House Sitter Name: Jo
  • Are You: Female
  • Region: North
  • Location: Any
  • Preferred Location: Any
  • Preferred Hours: Before 8 pm preferred