Mell & Molly( Aussie bulldog)

About Sitter:

I was raised on a succesful beef farm, which my father still runs at 72. The skills and understanding of animals and farm life has followed me througb to today.
I spent many years in aged care, disability work, teaching youth life skills like cooking classes etc.
I have worked in child protection, retail manager for a large organization, vintage and collectable valuer and appraiser, many community service positions both volentery and paid.....+more.
I am currently taking a break for a year or 2 from my position for my own time out....a mental health long service for myself.
I am single person with my very spoilt and loved Aussie bulldog who is such a good girl.
I love gardening and veg gardens....I love nature and feel most at peace in it.
I spend my spare time camping ,gemstoning, gold panning and visiting my daughter in Queenstown
( my daughter works for the railway).
I dont drink, smoke, gamble or party......I travel, camp and enjoy life for my enjoyment.
I am honest, reliable and hardworking....I was raised and believe in respect, communication and empathy.
My Molly has been around farm animals,cats,the bush and beach and has no issues with other peoples animals and is such a good girl around any pets and no problems with cats only who gets the warm spots first in the sun.

I don't want to babble to much or go on about myself ....feel free to contact me with any other Information you would like.

Since May 2024
  • House Sitter Name: Mellisa
  • Are You: Female
  • Region: West
  • Location: West coast and all the way around back to the west coast
  • Preferred Location: West coast and all the way around back to the west coast