About Sitter:

Have recently left NSW where I was employed as the Wholesale Manager for a not-for-profit native community nursery while also volunteering with the Rural Fire Service and WIRES wildlife rescue. Have been living in Melbourne for the last couple months but am looking to move onto another sit either within Victoria or Tasmania within the next few months. I spend most of my time bushwalking, camping, playing guitar or gardening, in general I spend all my free time outside and love exploring new areas and going for walks. I have two dogs, a 5y/o Border Collie called Reggie and a 4y/o Corgi x called Buster, both of whom love meeting new people and other dogs. They are both well trained, do not chew, dig or bark and in general are very polite and friendly dogs

Since Mar 2023
  • House Sitter Name: Kjell
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