Mature Age student looking for full time house sits near Hobart

About Sitter:


My name is Katherine,
I have been living in Hobart for a year and a half now. I am struggling to find long term housing solutions amongst this rental crisis and am returning to house sitting, so here I am yet again in the house sitting realm!

I love the outdoors, walking, hiking, swimming, climbing! I moved to Hobart to study Marine and Antarctic science to fulfill my goal of going to Antarctica one day (hopefully).

I grew up on a farm, I have experience with livestock, gardening, and pet sitting dogs, cats, bunnies, guineas and chooks!

Let me know how I can help you out!

Since May 2022
  • House Sitter Name: Katherine
  • Are You: Male
  • Region: South
  • Location: Anywhere near Hobart
  • Preferred Location: Anywhere near Hobart