About Sitter:

I am a single mature lady from Perth, WA, who wants to stay in Tasmania, but gets bored just doing nothing much. I realise if I am to get through winter in Tasmania I may need to find things to do, so housesitting is one way as I enjoy looking after things.
I have a miniature poodle and a maltese shiatzu who are very well trained and behaved. They are used to being around chickens, cats, horses and other dogs and behave when with other farm animals. They have adapted to seeing padeamelons and bandicoots (which were everywhere at home) here in Tasmania.
My dogs sleep with me, but I always put a covering over bedding.
I am easy going and do not require a flash environment - I will need somewhere for my caravan to be and phone reception.
If no animal that would need to sleep with me I am quite happy staying in my caravan at night.
I take my dogs on walks most days unless weather just too bad, so will happily take others with me.
I love gardening, walking, reading and the occassional TV series.
I have had my own horses, dogs, cats, birds, chickens so able to care for animals.

Since Feb 2024
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