About Sitter:

My name is Hannelies Grezel and I am a Dutch citizen, mother and grandmother (70) of 2 children 37 and 39 and 2 grandchildren of 2 years. My daughter is expecting another baby in the end of August 2023.
My children have lived in Australia since they were 17. They moved with their father and stepmother to Australia and build up their lives here. Since more as a year, they live beside each other in South Arm. They all work in Hobart.
Since I am retired (4 years now) I come to visit and can stay a longer period of time.

I have booked a flight on the 23rd of October 2023 and probably return back to The Netherlands end of April 2024. This depends on possibilities.
Looking for a housesitting opportunity in this period.

Before Covid 19 I lived for 7 months in the second home of the father of my children and their stepmother in Nubeena TAS where I managed the flower farm, former Swallows Nest now Nubeena flower farm. I loved to live there at a hilltop with beautiful views and nature all around. I sold the flowers at the markets in the villages around from Port Arthur to Sorell/Dodges FerryBream Creek. My daughter took over the flower stall together with her husband on the Farmers Market in Hobart. They had to stop that business because of their busy jobs. Maybe I will help out when back in Australia. Working with the flowers on the farm made me happy and was so much fun to do. And I took care of the dog (Border Collie) and the chickens. Not officially a housesitting time but you can see it that way.

Professionally I worked as a nurse and counselor, mainly in forensic mental health (20 years) Besides my nursing education I studied German. Later on in my working life I indicated care for people with mental health issues who needed help and support of the community through assessments/house visits.

Since my retirement I try to visit my children as often as I can. I left due to the Covid 19 virus in March 2020 and I returned on the 15th of December 2021. First possible date after the reopening of the country.

I was living with my children and looked after the babies and was helping out in the household. I left on the 18th of April again to my life in The Netherlands. But I will return 25th of October 2023.

I am looking for a house-sitting property to be more independent of my children. And to have (more or less) a place for myself. I am looking in the environment of Hobart /Huon valley and in the surroundings of South Arm/Lauderdale.
I know both places very well. My daughter lived in Huonville with her family before they moved to South Arm.

As a person I am very well organized, tidy, helpful, caring, friendly and I love animals. and gardening. I do not smoke, and I drink once in a while a nice glass of wine or special beer. I am very fit and healthy, and I do bike a lot in the Netherlands/Europe (long distances) walking(mountains) and running. In Nubeena I joined a bushwalking club and a small Bridge club. In the last period I was in Tasmania I did 2 house sits in Bellerive (Ted and Noni with the dog Fenton) and in West Hobart. (Dog Rocket). It was so nice to take care of other people's houses, gardens and livestock. I really liked it. And so nice to be for some period "on my own"after being in the busy family life...

Doing house sitting is a very good way for me to be in the surroundings of my children and still have my own and private place.

So, I am looking for a period from the 1 of November 2023 till May 2024.

References is no problem I can give details later on in the process.
With kind regards

Since Mar 2021
******7166029 This is my Dutch number I have whatsapp
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  • House Sitter Name: hannelies
  • Are You: Female
  • Region: South
  • Location: Around Hobart/South Arm
  • Preferred Location: Around Hobart/South Arm
  • Preferred Hours: At the moment I am still in The Netherlands; From the 25th of October 2023 at my children place in South Arm.