About Sitter:

Hi my name is demi. I am a 31 year old female from Queensland (although very well travelled). I have been living in Tasmania for over a year and I am renting a room in Mornington on the eastern shores. I have bought a 3 month membership for the house sitting site so I can possible help families in need of a house sitter over the Christmas period. I don't have any work at the moment so I would like to house sit for people. This will help me keep active and also help me do some extensive exploration. I sail at different clubs during the weeks and I enjoy surfing and want to experience the music scene. I don't know that many people here and I am a very quiet person. I enjoy reading and gardening. I also have my own very friendly dog. I am very flexible and reliable. This will be my first experience of house sitting but I would really enjoy having another place to enjoy spending time and caring for the animals

Since Dec 2021
  • House Sitter Name: demi
  • Are You: Female
  • Region: South
  • Location: all tasmania
  • Preferred Location: all tasmania
  • Preferred Hours: i dont have any credit at the moment and i receive a lot of spam calls so please text me with return call time and information please