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About Sitter:

My husband and I are both very respectful, clean, and tidy people, who will treat your home and your furry or feathery friends as if they were our own! We take pride in any property that we look after and enjoy our own space and live a quiet life. We are both non-smokers who enjoy the occasional glass of wine on the weekend. We value and appreciate the opportunity of somewhere to stay and show our gratitude and respect to those that kindly provide us with this opportunity.

A little bit about us:
I'm Annette, recently retired from the corporate world and the high-level administration type job roles and am now enjoying a stress-free life doing the things that I love.

I grew up on the Northwest coast of Tasmania in and around Burnie, coming from hard working parents who immigrated to Australia in the early 1960's. Dad always had a huge productive vegetable and fruit garden (which is where I got my green thumb from) and mum loved to cook, hence I have her to thank for my love of cooking. We had chickens, which helped the garden, and of course mum and dad made all of their own jams, sauces, cured and smoked meats etc.

My husband Harvey was born in Toowoomba, Queensland, and lived in Queensland until 2016 when we moved to Tasmania. He grew up spending his school holidays with both grandparents in Tweed Heads and Coolangatta and spending his days at the beach surfing with his brother. He is now also enjoying retirement after many years working for Telstra and also the James Cook University in Townsville and finally BOC Gas in Hobart. He's handy at pretty much everything and anything and is not shy to give something a go. He loves to go walking and enjoys reading and also doesn't mind baking these days!

We are both quiet, non-smokers, reliable, very clean, tidy and trustworthy. We love travelling and also the outdoors.

Our practical skills and experiences:
* Handy on the tools for any building or house maintenance that may be required
* Green thumbs - your plants are in good hands
* Domestic pet care - lots of walks and cuddles

Here's what we can / will do for you in return for allowing us to stay in your home and look after your pets:

- Live-in house sitting - we see ourselves as an extended member of your family and we get to come in and look after your home and pets as you do

- Avoid kennel costs! Pet minding in your pets familiar environment and we do our best to keep to their usual routine, including walking, meal times, cleaning, generally giving them good company and a fun experience

- Garden maintenance, watering and continuance of any other maintenance services. Your garden and indoor and outdoor pot plants will be well cared for and any specific requirements can be discussed when hand over occurs

- Collection of mail which can be either forwarded onto you un-opened or opened and scanned and emailed to you

- We can update you with photos of your pet/s via email, text, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger so you can see first-hand that your pet/s are being cared for with love and attention, letting you relax and enjoy your time away

- Know that your home and possessions will be looked after with attention and respect - just like we were looking after our own home

- We will go over all your requirements in as much or as little detail as you prefer. Every house is a new adventure, so we happily tailor our services to meet your needs

- Peace of mind whilst you are away, so when you arrive home to a happy pet, clean home and yard plus we'll make sure you have some basic supplies to save you having to run out to the shops. All you will need to take care of, is unpacking your bags on your return

- As we are both retired, we will usually be at home at your property for the majority of the day and always at night, ensuring security for your home and also ensuring your pets receive quality time. We will always ensure that all your windows and doors are locked when we are not in your home

We do not charge for this service and just see it as a great exchange that you receive your specific requirements as listed before and we receive free rent and utilities ie: (electricity, water and internet).

You are welcome to call us to have a chat to discuss your needs and if preferred, arrange an interview / get together over coffee or via FaceTime, at a time that suits us all.

We look forward to house-sitting for you and are happy to answer any more questions you may have.

Additional information and references, can be provided upon request.

Full availability

NIL - booked out until 17th January 2025

Taroona, TAS - 7 days - 11th March to 17th March 2024
Midway Point, TAS - 10 days - 20th June 2024 to 30th June 2024
Kingston, TAS - 68 days - 30th June to 9th August 2024
Toowoomba, QLD - 48 days - 30th November 2024 to 17th January 2025

Early February to mid March 2024 (39 days): Two dogs (Grian and Mira), large gardens and home in Grove, Tasmania

January 2024 (10 days): Dog (Jettie-Boy), gardens and home in Smithton, Tasmania

Late December 2023 to January 2024 (16 days): Dog (Charlie), gardens and home in Taroona, Tasmania

December 2023 (20 days): Dog (Missy), gardens and home in Blackmans Bay, Tasmania

October / November 2023 (37 days): Large tropical gardens, vegetable garden, bees, swimming pool and home in Balgal Beach, Queensland

September / October 2023 (31 days): Dog (Miley), gardens and home in Rosetta, Tasmania

June / July 2023 (17 days): Dogs (Gracie and Teddy), Cat (Puss-Puss), gardens, pool and home in Boyne Island, Queensland

May 2023 (11 days): Dog (Charlie), gardens and home in Taroona, Tasmania

March 2023 (6 days): Dogs (Jep and Sid), cattle, sheep, gardens and home in Lymington, Tasmania

Mid December 2022 to early January 2023 (15 days): Dog (Charlie), gardens and home in Taroona, Tasmania

June 2022 to mid November 2022 (152 days): Gardens and unit at Kingston Beach, Tasmania (no pets)

August 2022 (8 days): Dog (Charlie), gardens and home in Taroona, Tasmania NB: Harvey completed this house sit on his own as a favour to the owners, whilst I house sat at Kingston TAS, on my own

July 2022 (13 days): Dog (Lloyd), gardens and home in Malak, Darwin, NT

May 2022 (5 days): Dog (Charlie), gardens and home in Taroona, Tasmania

March to April 2022 (8 days): Dog (Charlie), gardens and home in Taroona, Tasmania

March 2021 (10 days): Chickens (the Girls), gardens and home in Granton, Tasmania

November 2020 (9 days): Cat and 2 dogs, gardens and home in Berriedale, Tasmania

May to October 2016 (163 days): Gardens and home in Sandy Bay, Tasmania

March to April 2016 (34 days): Gardens and home in Lutana, Tasmania

Thank you for your consideration.

Kind regards
Annette and Harvey

Since Aug 2020
  • House Sitter Name: Annette
  • Are You: Couple
  • Region: South
  • Location: Hobart
  • Preferred Location: Hobart