Caring couple

About Sitter:

Hello lovely home dwellers, we're Benny & Bree, a super joyful duo who have found ourselves in the privileged position of working a little whilst enjoying a whole lot. As we have not yet put roots down with a home, pets or a garden, we are very much enjoying channeling energies into nurturing the homes and pets of others.

I (Bree) am a freelance nutritionist, most recently embodying the free section of the title as I refrain from employment as a full time mama and devoted house and pet sitter. Benny works flexibly a few days a week and is a handyman/ man of many trades. Having said that, following the arrival of our latest addition in 2022 we have both given ourselves extended time away from work to enjoy our lil boy, embrace our love of animals, the outdoors and the slower pace of life.

We have been joyfully house sitting together full time for the past 4 years and find it to be a wonderful opportunity to share some positive energy with a space we wouldn't have otherwise had the pleasure of occupying. We're both honest and genuine, naturally very tidy and organised.

We are both very warm, peaceful and personable individuals with responsible and respectful natures. I (Bree) have grown up with at least one of every possible domesticated pet (and some undomesticated!) and am confident and comfortable in any situation. I've had a lot of experience caring for pets with behavioural problems, separation anxiety etc. Due to a lifetimes of animal infiltration I'm also calm and confident administering medication. I grew up riding horses and spent a lot of time on properties, We both don't mind mucking in, not a lot phases us.

We pride ourselves on being great communicators, during each sit you can expect:
- updates/ pics so you know your pets are happy, loved and well cared for
- your home is kept optimally clean & secure
- lovingly maintain your garden

We both received police clearances as part of our professional roles and can provide references.

We would love to be given the opportunity to take the very best care of your home and fur family. :)

We have primarily used alternate sites so here are some reviews to peruse if you wish.

Since Jun 2021
  • House Sitter Name: Bree
  • Are You: Couple
  • Region: South
  • Location: Hobart
  • Preferred Location: Hobart
  • Preferred Hours: Available anytime