About Sitter:

I'd love the opportunity to look after your home, tend to your garden & care for your beloved pets, an undertaking I feel is an honour.

I love pottering around in the garden, exploring nature & the great outdoors, crafts, music, reading, writing, all animals domestic & wild, studying, life~long learning, cooking home grown nutritious produce, good company, people young & old, travelling, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, alternative therapies.

I'm environmentally conscious, clean, tidy, able to maintain hygeine & sanitation protocols, kind, courteous, respectful & mindful of others.

I am able to adhere to all facets of the care plan for you I recognise & appreciate each household requires an individualised appoach as everyone has unique needs.
I respect this is vitally important for a mutually beneficial outcome for myself & those who entrust me with this responsibility.

I able to care for your pets in accordance with your exact specifications & endeavour to fulfill this role so they will be content as possible.
I'm currently studying Australian Bush flower essences & there is essences I can recommend for any animal whilst you are away to minimise any anxiety, distress etc they may experience.
I'm observant & will identify any symptoms that may arise, check with you what is usual etc, if necessary a remedy if you agree can be purchased cheaply & in a timely manner to address this.

Also I have had my own pets & was a carer for my mother for 7 years, so I'm have developed from a deep sense of observation to monitor for behaviours or symptoms that aren't normal, I will always bring any concerns to your attention without delay.

I offer flexibility, clear concise communication, & appreciate your consideration.
I'm happy to meet in person, at your request before finsalising arrangements.
Warm regards

Since Dec 2016
  • House Sitter Name: Loree
  • Are You: Female
  • Region: South, South East, East, West, North, North West, Central
  • Location: Any location considered
  • Preferred Location: Any location considered