Brian + Rach

About Sitter:

Hey there, we are Brian + Rach!

We are two young, happy, relaxed, friendly and down-to-earth people who are kind and considerate! We've moved down to Tasmania (from the Sunshine Coast) for a little adventure, seeing where the wind blows. Back home - we love to surf, hike and are keen adventurers. We live on acreage, love gardening, have lots of animal experience and are hard-working, reliable and honest.

We're keen to check out different places within Tasmania, and are open to house-sits wherever possible... finding the time to hike, explore and have fun in the midst of it all.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Have a great day :)

Since Dec 2021
  • House Sitter Name: Rachel
  • Are You: Couple
  • Region: South, South East, East, North, North West, Central
  • Location: All of Tassie
  • Preferred Location: All of Tassie