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About Sitter:

Hello and thank you for being here. I live near Hobart, where I do my morning walks. I have 3 grown-up adult children. I am currently back at university studying Art Therapy and will be fully qualified at the end of the year. I normally work in the disability and ageing sector (not currently just studying). I have a warm personality, outgoing but calm. I love cooking and cook every day with beautiful fresh produce from the farmer's market. I practice meditation and yoga daily; it helps start the day on a good note. I am more the glass-half-full kind of person. I am looking forward to connecting with you and caring for your house and your pet. Mimi
PS This is our tiny Maltese Jellybean, (she is quiet as a mouse) and when possible I would love to take her with me. But if not she will be happy to stay with my husband on our boat. Yes, I live on a sailing yacht!

Since Mar 2021
  • House Sitter Name: Mireille
  • Are You: Female
  • Region: South, South East, East, West, North, North West, Central
  • Location: Anywhere
  • Preferred Location: Anywhere
  • Preferred Hours: 8 am - 9 pm