Animal Lover !

About Sitter:

I am an absolute animal lover and will treat your pet and your home as if it were my own; with great care and love. I have been a teacher for 28 years and so hold a current police check and am very trust worthy. I have raised two boys and cared for many children and pets over the years and so am diligent and attentive to caring for your pet. I am very tidy and respectful of being in your home and so will leave everything as I found it and happy to water the garden and any maintenance jobs whilst you are away. I am happy to meet up before taking the position and house sat a cat in Sydney called Lester Lovet and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am fit and athletic and love nature and the out doors; so happy to do required walking or playing with your pet. I especially love the peace and unconditional love of animals and so will be my pleasure to care for your loved one.

Since Jan 2019
  • House Sitter Name: Sarah
  • Are You: Female
  • Region: South
  • Location: Hobart area
  • Preferred Location: Hobart area