Animal Lover

About Sitter:

I am a 49 year old teacher who works with Deaf children. I am from the UK and have two children, 2 dogs and 8 chooks. I am currently going through a separation after 20 years, hence the need to house sit. I am passionate about animals and completely obsessed with dogs - though I love all animals. I have a Lab/Collie cross called Fred who is 7. I also have a 10 month (very cheeky!) old Cavoodle called Albert. My animals will obviously be left with the rest of my family on a house sit. I am very responsible and very tidy. I am also happy to help with gardens.

Since Feb 2016
  • House Sitter Name: Sarah
  • Are You: Female
  • Region: South
  • Location: None
  • Preferred Location: None