Two animal-lovers who are looking for animals to spoil

About Sitter:

We are a young-ish French couple (35 years old) and have lived in Montreal, Canada the last few years. Stephane (who was previously a cook) works now as a bread baker. And Nelly is a digital project manager who has worked during several years in big advertising companies. We are a dynamic and easy-going couple, both non-smoker, tidy, respectful and trustworthy.

In June 2016, we decided to quit our job and to leave everything to travel through Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and Oceania in order to discover the world and help on projects overseas. Since the beginning of our journey, we have volunteered in several places and achieved a lot of various tasks including for most of them cleaning, gardening and animal care. We've especially spent 4 months in an animal sanctuary in Thaïland where we have taken care of dogs and cats abused by people.

We grew up with animals around us when we were children, but this experience taught us a lot about animals care and convinced us to keep helping and giving love to people AND animals. So since this time, we have been still looking for new experiences which include animals care. And so far so good : since we landed in Australia, we have been volunteering in farms in South Australia and now Tasmania in which we have been helping to look after veggie gardens, dogs, chickens, sheep and even alpacas.

We want now to help also home owners who have to let their home and their furry friends for a time. For that, we will be available to look after their animals and also their house and their garden (under instructions) as if it was our own.

For more information, please see below a detailed review of the tasks done during two of our volunteering experiences in animal sanctuaries. But feel free to contact us is you have any questions.

1-Baan Unrak Thaï Animal Sanctuary

WHERE : Sangkhlaburi, Thaïland

1st time: from 2016/09/29 to 2016/11/15
2nd time: from 2016/12/29 to 2017/04/15

The Thai Animal Sanctuary was founded in 2007 in order to help animals and community around (as the closest clinic is 250 km far).
The sanctuary treats a large number of dogs and cats at its clinic, as well as the occasional rabbit, chicken, goat, cow or monkey. All of official sanctuary residents are mostly dogs (50) and cats (7). (Cf.

+ Our main job regarding resident dog care :
- walk resident dogs
- clean their kennel or their cages
- feed them and change their water
- check their gnéral health
- General care (bath, brush, groom, clean eyes and ears)
- in case of wounds : check, clean and change their bandage everyday

+ Regarding the clinic animals care (Nelly) :
- prepare and give medications (tabs, drops or injection underskin)
- prepare special meals
- assist the vet
- Socialise (play, cuddle) with all of them

+ General maintenance of the place:
- replace/repair Bamboo huts
- sweep kennels
- build new cages
- paint cages

2- Cat Beach Sanctuary

WHERE: Teluk Bahang (Penang, Malaysia)

WHEN: from 2016/12/09 - 2016/12/17

ABOUT: This sanctuary was found to take care of more than 100 cats.

- keep the place clean and tidy
- clean cages and change bedding for sick cats or mummy cats
- feed cats and change their water
- feed kitten
- check cats général health
- général care (brush clean eyes and ears)
- in case of wounds, check, clean and change their bandage everyday
- prepare and give médications (tabs or drops) the evenings
- Socialise (play, cuddle) with cats

Stephane & Nelly
Since Sep 2017
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