Thorough and Tidy

About Sitter:

Hey my name is Daniel.

Im currently looking to house sit for a few weeks in the Hobart region. I've just accepted a job that starts in the end of December and would love to house sit for someone until the end of January as that is when the permanent accommodation I have becomes available. In the meantime i need to sort accommodation out starting from the 29th of December.

Abit about me, I am tidy, clean and thorough. I've traveled around the world and have fallen in love with Hobart during my travels which is why I am moving down. I've grown up with animals such as horses, dogs, cats, chickens and ducks just to name a few so I have a heap of experience looking after animals and caring for them. I love to go on walks, so if you have animals that want to go on walks i'd love to take them and explore the area.

Would love to hear from you and hopefull we will be able to help eachother out!

Since Dec 2019
  • House Sitter Name: Daniel
  • Are You: Male
  • Region: South
  • Location: Hobart
  • Preferred Location: Hobart
  • Preferred Hours: contact me anytime.