The Kat is in the house!

About Sitter:

Hi lovely houseowner, my name is Kat, I am from Germany and 31 years young. I love to travel the world and love to try new things and meet new people. Travelling widens the horizon and it tought me a lot about caring, sharing, helping, being open minded and adventurous.
Housesitting is a new chapter for me, that means I have no experience, but I have experinece in being honest and trustworthy, reliable and respectful. :)

I have studied tourism and event management. During the Euopean summer I work as a trip leader on a sailing boat in Croatia. And in the meantime I enjoy the Australian heat. Tasmania is the next stop and I am very excited about the Astralian version of Newzealand. 😉

Since Feb 2019
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