Tasmania is my happy place

About Sitter:

I am a self employed medical typist which allows me to work from anywhere there is internet access. I currently live with my husband on our farm in Goomeri, Qld where we breed Clydesdale horses.

We also have dogs, cats, cattle horses, geese, chooks, turkeys and ducks. I have one son who is at University in Tasmania (Launceston) and a daughter and two grandchildren in NSW. I have reached the time in my life now that the children are grown up and making their own way in life that I can start to do what I would like to and I have decided on house sitting which will enable me to be able to travel and see this wonderful country while helping others who need a break and would like their homes and animals cared for.

My husband will travel with me sometimes, but for the most part he is content on our farm continuing to breed our horses. Whenever I come to Tasmania I feel like I have come home and am keen to see as much as I possibly can while helping others. I enjoy my own company, reading, bush walking and riding horses.

I am currently not available until the end of October as my daughter is about to have her second baby in the near future and I will be staying with her for a little while to give her a hand.

Since Jul 2018
  • House Sitter Name: Aleta
  • Are You: Female
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