Retired non-smoker experienced housesitter

About Sitter:

Hi my name is Kate and i have been housesitting for family in Tasmania for the last 10 years. Following losing my beautiful cocker spaniel about 2 years ago i have also done several house sits in NSW, where i am based.

Doing the house sits provides me with the opportunity to have the comfort of animals around, as unfortunately my current circumstances do not allow me to own any pets.
Although i cannot call it home, I love Tasmania and have family members living in the Huon Valley. I visit every chance i get and doing housesits in the Southern region would allow longer periods of time here.

If you choose me to look after your home and pet(s) i can assure you they will be well looked after and loved while you are away.
Ideally a minimum of 2 weeks, and will definitely consider extended stays of several months. The use of a car would be preferable.

Non-smoker. References available on request.

Since Jan 2018
  • House Sitter Name: Kate
  • Are You: Female
  • Region: South
  • Location: Southern Tasmania
  • Preferred Location: Southern Tasmania
  • Preferred Hours: Email preferrable for initial contact