About Sitter:

I'm a 50 year old empty nester.
This sparked the idea to see our beautiful State of Tasmania , and help others at the same time.
I will clean up my messes, as well as your pets, when I house/ pet sit for you.

I have house/ pet sat for friends before, and found it a real pleasure.
They have been happy with the condition, and contentment of their pets on their return.
At one of the housesittings I was given the responsibility of assisting a miniature poodle whelp her four pups.

DOGS are my devotion. I have grown up with various breeds of dogs, and understand doggy language.
I obedience trained my Great Dane at 16 yo, and independently trained consecutive dogs.

I have owned rabbits, horses,cats, chooks, ducks, goats.and hand raised cockatiels.

I've lived in Victoria and Tasmania. I have travelled mainly East coastline of Australia, Adelaide in SA, and Kalgoorlie in WA.
I have worked in boarding kennels, as a Child Carer, as an Enrolled Nurse, and a Support Worker/Carer.
I've raised 4 children, including twins (Four under 6 yo).

Hobbies and Interests:
My 5 yo American Staffordshire Terrier, Rosie.
I live in a Unit, so she lives in the country away from me ,which breaks my heart, but I see her often.
She's loving it!
Dogs, handcrafts, pencil puzzles, learning German again, Scrabble (online and board), gardening, keeping in touch with friends and family. using the internet for good and not evil, DVDs, and TV Quiz shows. Past Target Archery & Instructor,

Please ask me any questions, Wendy

Since Dec 2017
  • House Sitter Name: Wendy
  • Are You: Female
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