Responsible and Caring Home and Pet Sitter

About Sitter:

I am an Educator, Writer, and Editor . I love being close to nature, and I love living in a world with those who are creative, compassionate, and caring about others and about the world we live in. When I am doing home and pet care, I enjoy being in homes that are cared for and I love to care for pets who are loved and who are loving.

I am quite experienced in home and pet care, and I have been doing this for many many years. I have taken care of all different homes, and all different pets, and my main goal is to let the animals feel happy and loved, and let the home feel cared for.
I am extremely responsible and caring, and these qualities always are present in every home and pet care assignment that I have. I am mature, neat and tidy and thorough, and I want the best for each home and pet I am tending to. I am quiet, do not smoke or drink or party.

Since Sep 2017
  • House Sitter Name: Heidi
  • Are You: Female
  • Region: North West
  • Location: Any region in Tasmania would be lovely.
  • Preferred Location: Any region in Tasmania would be lovely.