Respectful and Considerate

About Sitter:

Hi! My name is Natalie, I'm 25 years old and have been living in Hobart the last 3 years and am part-way through an Environmental Science, Conservation and Sustainability degree. I have a very wide range of interests including science, nature, art, philosophy, music, sustainability, cooking, language, psychology, film etc. pretty much anything that is engaging and inspiring! I love to meet new people for new perspectives but am also a quiet soul who enjoys time alone and wandering about.

In terms of house-sitting, I am a kind, open-minded, mature and caring individual who likes to keep things clean. I have over 1 year experience WWOOFing overseas which involved living with new people and helping them with farm-related tasks on their properties as well as house-sitting experience from family friends. I love pets dearly, having lived with cats most of my life although I do have some allergies, so as long as there isn't loads of hair everywhere I'm more than happy! I'm very flexible and able to cater to whatever is required in terms of keeping the house as you would like it to be. I'm very aware that as a house-sitter you are entering into peoples personal homes that they love and cherish and want to make sure that I am being as respectful and considerate as possible to honour this. If you are looking for a considerate, quiet person to look after your home, please don't hesitate to get in touch and I am happy to be contacted to chat further.

All the best to you,

Since Jul 2020
  • House Sitter Name: Natalie
  • Are You: Female
  • Region: South, South East, East, West, North, North West, Central
  • Location: Anywhere in Tas
  • Preferred Location: Anywhere in Tas
  • Preferred Hours: email anytime or phone/text between 9-5 any day