Professor Ockie & Annerine

About Sitter:

Ockie is a retired Professor from The University of Queensland, where he was Head of the School of Integrative Systems. After "retirement" he had more work than ever before (see his signature below) and while working from home (which can be any place where there is WiFi) he has decided he will try again to retire when he is 108. ("Retiring at 70 didn't work). He loves gardening, grows their own vegetables and brags (with confidence) to have the best garden in the street wherever he lives.

Annerine, his wife of 45 years, also worked at UQ in the Forestry Division. When Ockie retired she became a hands-on grandmother, looking after the two youngest of our seven grandchildren. We have three children, two daughters and a son and all married - our eldest daughter to a Swiss and we therefore have free accommodation in one of the most expensive countries in the world!. Our son is married to a girl from London and is Managing Director of Outback Tour Services. Our youngest daughter is a qualified Chef that had her own restaurant in Adelaide. She currently is the Centre Chef at an early learning centre in Hobart. She is married to an Australian. One can imagine that Christmas at our house looks like a United Nations meeting!
We have a very well behaved English Cocker Spaniel, Alfie, with a pedigree that any non-royal would be jealous of. Unfortunately, his elite line was snipped short after Annerine decided she does not want him to walk around....he luckily did not know or understood what happened to him, so he is a very happy and friendly doggy. He grew up with other dogs and loves their company.

We are landlords of three investment houses on the mainland and are very much aware of what is expected from people who live in our properties. When Ockie retired from UQ, they moved to Adelaide on invitation of the Business School at the University of Adelaide. Because this would have been a short stay we decided to rent a house in the Penfold Estate. After only two inspections by the property management company, the landlord decided that no inspections will be required in the future. Our house was always spotlessly clean and where Annerine has been, one can do open heart surgery anywhere on the floor or surfaces of the house!

We love animals, gardening, travel, meeting new people, experiencing new places, nature - WE LOVE LIFE
Warm regards
Professor Dr. Ockie
Research Professor, Malik Management Institute, St Gallen, Switzerland
Business Development Manager, Outback Tour Services, Australia
Distinguished Guest Professor, Keio University, Hyoshi, Japan
Director, SysPrac Pty Ltd
Editor-in-Chief, Systems Journal, MDPI
- Past President (2016/17), International Society for the Systems Sciences
- Academician & Vice President, International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences
From: Netty
Sent: Thursday, 22 August 2019 11:09 AM
To: Ockie Bosch

To whom it may concern:-

I have had Ockie and Annerine and their very well-behaved Alfie stay in my home and house sit Macey, my little dog.
My house is currently on the market, so it was a big ask of me to ask them to vacate every time potential buyers came to the house (mainly because Macey licks all people to death!) and keep my home presentable.
I have nothing but high praise for Ockie and Annerine my home was impeccable, and the real estate agent was most impressed with the way they presented my home to the point he was sending a bottle of wine to them.
I have no hesitation in referring Ockie and Annerine for anyone to engage them to house sit their home with confidence and trust and honesty, I am happy to say I have made life-long friends with this couple and would gladly have them in my home anytime, and Macey loves them too♥️
Annette Parr (Tinderbox property)

17th August 2019.

To Whom It May Concern

Re: House Sitting Reference – Ockie & Annerine Bosch

Dear Sir/ Madam,

My name is Joe McDevitt, I am a Real Estate Agent in Hobart and Proprietor of McDevitt Property
Agents & Auctioneers.

I am delighted to provide a reference for Ockie & Annerine Bosch.

Ockie & Annerine recently provided a house sitting service, (including caring for pets), for one of
my clients at a property 509 Tinderbox Rd Tinderbox.

My client was traveling overseas for several weeks.

The property at Tinderbox, (a substantially sized home, valued at over $1million), was being
campaigned for sale whilst my client was overseas.

Ockie & Annerine assisted me greatly with facilitating the open homes and other inspections during
the period and cooperated fully and wonderfully with me during the marketing and their stay at the

The property was always superbly presented and meticulously prepared for viewings.

I can highly recommend Ockie & Annerine to care for your property whilst you are away from your
residence for whatever period you may require.

I would also be pleased to provide a verbal reference as well if required – my contact details 0419
122 257 or by email

I provide this letter to you in my capacity as a practising Real Estate Agent & Auctioneer in
Hobart for over 44 years, including a role as President of the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania.

Yours sincerely, Joe McDevitt


Professor Ockie
Since May 2019
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