Professional Mature Couple – Well traveled Architect & School Receptionist (ex Travel Consultant)

About Sitter:

HOUSE SITTING PORTFOLIO – Donna & Vaughan – Perth Western Australia

Greetings from Perth, Western Australia. Vaughan and I are an easy going, fun loving, reliable couple with a passion for many things in life, including travelling. We are a professional couple, who met over 13 years ago on a blind date. We live in a unique accommodation situation with our blended family, in the green leafy suburb of Carine, Perth. We have 4 adult children between us. Three of our four children, all full time University students, live with us. They live in the front property, whilst we live in a villa at the back, lovingly designed and built, 2 years ago by Vaughan who is an Architect. We share a swimming pool and BBQ in the middle of the property for family get togethers. Our other son, a graduated high school teacher, moved out of home earlier this year.

Family is very important to us and we have a ‘family dinner’ every week with all our children and partners and grand fur baby, Leo, the toy poodle.

I was born in Perth, Western Australia and have resided in Perth all my life. In my early career, I was in the travel industry, as a retail and wholesale consultant, travel sales representative and airline (Domestic and International) sales consultant. I was fortunate enough to travel extensively in my job, including destinations like Central and South East Asia, The Maldives, Western Europe, Great Britain, North America, New Zealand, Fiji, and cruise on numerous international cruise lines to exotic destinations.

My career changed over the years, with the demand of family life and young children. I now work part time for the Education Department as a School Officer in a Primary School (School Receptionist). I therefore hold a Police Clearance and Working with children card. My professions have always dealt with customer service and people. I also do volunteer work on my days off, at Vinnies, a retail thrift shop, selling clothes and accessories. Last year I organized 25 handbags filled with female essentials for women in need and the Australian charity Share the Dignity.

Other passions include cooking, anything to do with food, glorious food, playing scrabble, walking along the beach and meeting people.

Vaughan is a qualified Architect and was born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia. He has his own building design company and contracts as a designer to residential developers. He left Rhodesia in 1979 and joined the South African Army for four years, where he obtained his Architectural qualifications. Vaughan then travelled and worked around the world, including cities from London to Toronto, Wellington to Sydney and Perth to Johannesburg. Finally, after living and working in Melbourne, Australia, he decided to relocate to Perth to raise his children. He has a keen eye for design and is extremely hard working and handy. Vaughan can fix and do anything and everything around the house (including ironing and mending – Shhh!..... don’t tell him, I mentioned that).

Other passions include Rugby, watching sport of all seasons, playing scrabble, and walking along the beach. He also has a real sweet tooth.

Why we want to house sit:
This year I turned 50, and this celebration has not only instigated a time of reflection, but also excitement for the future. Vaughan and I have always put our family first, and now that they are independent adults, we feel it is ‘our time’ to flourish and travel the world together and experience different cultures in the new millennium. We are looking forward to having the opportunity to live like locals and integrate with different communities. I want to learn how to shop at a local market, bake bread and make homemade jam and pickles. We are both fortunate enough, to be able to take time off from our ‘proper’ jobs in 2019 and are embarking on a year of travel and new experiences. Although we do not currently have a pet, we love animals, and often pet sit our grand fur baby Leo.

Why you should choose us to nurture you home and pets
We can assure you that with our passion for life, travel, people, animals, food and culture we are the house sitters for you. Although we are new to house sitting, we have a wealth of knowledge about travelling, and have strong interpersonal skills. Along with our warm, homely, house proud nature, we bring Vaughan’s extensive ‘know how’ with all things building and maintenance. Although we do not currently have pets (because of our passion to travel) we have both grown up with a houseful of furry friends.

We are trustworthy, responsible and reliable non-smokers. We consider an invitation into ones home as a privilege, and as such promise home owners to take care of their property and pets with the utmost respect and care.

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