Professional couple looking for a house/pet sitting opportunity while our home is being built

About Sitter:

Hello there!

My name is Jacob (29, public servant) and my partner is Katherine (27, public servant).

We are building a home here in Hobart - this is expected to be completed in 5-6 weeks. We have recently moved from Canberra. We arrived here a little earlier than expected due to Katherine being offered a job.

We are currently staying in short-term accommodation on the eastern shore but require new accommodation is two weeks time. We thought we would advertise on this website to see if anyone needed a loving couple to home/pet sit while they were away.

We are mature, clean and will treat your home like it was ours. We have two beautiful little dogs - 15 months old - who are very much inside/sleep all day dogs. They are well trained and dont scratch or dig. They get on VERY well with other dogs/animals and would love the opportunity to have more brothers/sisters in Hobart.

We would love to hear from anyone who requires a sitter and we have no preference about the location.

Jacob and Katherine

Since Mar 2021
  • House Sitter Name: Jacob
  • Are You: Couple
  • Region: South
  • Location: All considered
  • Preferred Location: All considered