Nanny & Poppy on the loose with the Moose

About Sitter:

Hello 😉

Marty & I decided to take early retirement in Nov 2016, we purchased a lovely new motorhome & are now travelling indefinitely around Australia from our home base in S.A.

We joined a house sitting club in May 2017 whilst we were travelling in Tasmania for 3 months, 12+ months on we are still thoroughly enjoying that we did!

We're returning to Tassie yet again on the 3rd Nov (our 6th visit since 2012!) for our longest stay thus far 6 months, we won't be heading home to SA until the 6th April 2019.

We've sat for the most fantastic home owners & have loved & cared for such a wide variety of gorgeous pets - all of which have provided us with great endorsements.

Prior to beginning our travels we regularly looked after one of our sons 2 dogs "Ned" a big, sweet, lovable Golden Lab/Husky & "Kelly" a highly excitable, active, character filled one-off mixture of?

We found that we were missing them incredibly & upon suggestions from fellow travellers we joined up for sitting.

This has given us the opportunity to house-sit & care for other peoples beloved pets which has fulfilled our need to interact with the four legged personalities we get to meet whilst still being able to travel.

We simply adore animals, love travel, nature, gardening, art, history, cooking, dining out, fishing, exploring & meeting & making new friends of all nationalities & "breeds".

When we are chosen to do a sit it's our chance to relax & just stay in one place for a while during which we spend more or less the whole time with the animals in our care.

We are both extremely reliable, responsible, honest & hardworking with a real zest for life.

Marty & I have 2 rental properties (Strathalbyn & Hillbank SA) & are very conscious of how we like them to be looked after, hence your home will be in very good, clean, caring, safe hands.

Please feel free to contact us, we assure you you won't be disappointed having us look after your beloved animals, home & garden.

Also check out the FB page we have set up for our little Granddaughter, it will help to give you an insight into the type of people we are:
"Nanny & Poppy on the loose with the Moose".

Best wishes searching for suitable house & pet sitters, ... maybe we could be just whom you're looking for.

Kindest regards, Paula & Marty 😉

Sits completed: Beauty Point TAS - Woodside SA - Tennyson SA - Dawesley SA - Grange SA - Wattle Park SA - Clovelly Park SA - Williamstown SA - Kilcunda VIC - Perth TAS - Geeveston TAS - Eggs & Bacon Bay TAS - Perth TAS (return booking) - Carrick TAS - Launceston TAS - Perth TAS (return booking) - Norwood SA - Highbury SA - Freeling SA - Seaford Rise SA - Torrensville SA - Happy Valley SA - Edens Landing QLD

Sits booked: Ulverstone TAS - Stanley TAS - Perth TAS (4th return booking) - Ulverstone TAS - Maitland SA


Happy Valley SA - Aug 2018
"Wow we cannot thank Paula & Marty enough. We where very nervous using house sitters as we had never done it before, but the professionalism of Paula and Marty put our minds at ease very quickly. We came home from an amazing holiday to some VERY happy animals. Our house was exactly how we left it (apart from a gorgeous platter waiting in the kitchen, It was a lifesaver after a long night flight with 4 kids!!). We honestly can't thank you both enough. Thank you so much from our family."
Liz & Shane - Schnitzel, Cody & Jasper

Torrensville SA - Jun 2018
"Paula and Marty were excellent. When we returned from holiday, the house was immaculate, the bedding had been washed and our 2 cats looked well fed and content (and frankly not that excited to see us!) Paul and Marty took the worry out of leaving our house, garden and pets. I would definitely book them again as it was obvious that they really cared about our house and our precious boys."
Alison & Paul - Avy & Albi

Freeling SA - May 2018
"We are very happy to recommend Marty & Paula to anyone who is looking for house sitters. The house was very well looked after as well as the pets and gardens. We were kept up to date with how our dog was going which was very reassuring! Coming home to a beautiful clean house was excellent and meant that we could relax after a long flight. Marty and Paula are both great people, very trustworthy and easy to communicate with. My wife and I will definitely be booking again next time we go away as we know our house and possessions are in very safe hands. Thank you very much."
Ryan & Bec - Jemma

Seaford Rise SA - May 2018
“Well so where do we start with this fantastic couple. We usually advertise on the site but this time we decided to choose our sitters from previous feedback and it was just an absolute gift that we found Paula and Marty. They came from miles away to meet us and stayed over at a local hotel for the meet and greet, we kept in touch from there after sending pics of our dogs Scooby and Beans . Paula and Marty arrived the night before as we were departing very early next morning and had a few wines with them to say thank you.
On our return the house was immaculately presented and Paula had even cooked us a baked breaky special it was just truly gorgeous...!!!! 5 days later we are pretty sure our dogs are missing them so I can highly recommend this couple of high end house sitters for any house sit you require. Will stay in touch with this lovely couple as they are now great friends of ours and I’d love to get them to sit our home every time we’re away.... thank you P and M xx”
Neil & Sam - Scooby, Chanel (aka Beans), Harley, Armani, Bailey & Gin Gin.

Highbury SA - Apr 2018
"To whom it may concern; I wish to start by saying we consider ourselves very lucky in having met and asked Paula and Marty to look after what we treasure most in life. Our home and pets. Making the decision to use Aussie House Sitters for the first time was not an easy one. We have never had anybody, not even family, stay at our home whilst away on holiday. To say we were a little apprehensive is an understatement. We weren't quite sure of the process, and like most families with young children, we had saved hard to go on holiday and forgone a few needed repairs on the house to do so. We looked around our house and wondered if anyone would even want to stay here. Simply putting the dogs in a kennel wouldn't fulfill our needs, as we also had a rabbit, guinea pigs and a cockatiel, who all needed care. We decided to take the plunge and place our trust in people we did not know. Our apprehensiveness was immediately diminished as we greeted them outside the house, Paula giving us a big enthusiastic wave from the car; it was like meeting old friends. They were open and communicative and immediately engaged with our dogs, allowing our male dog, who is a bit territorial, to come to them. It was obvious they were lovely, trustworthy people, who loved animals. Sometimes you can't explain what it is you like about people, it's a gut feeling, you just know and we liked them straight away. Just before leaving for our holiday, our female dog Millie had to be put down and we were worried about how Rupert, our other dog, would go. But we needn't have worried, as Paula and Marty handled the situation beautifully. Whilst away, they kept in touch texting updates and sending photos, assuring us that the house and the animals were being well cared for. Upon our return, we found a beautiful clean house that appeared exactly as we had left it. Paula and Marty had washed the towels and sheets, and remade the bed. Paula, a talented artist, had left a present for the kids, drawing an enormous art mural of all the animals on our floor to ceiling chalkboard outside. The kids loved this. However, the best was yet to come. After we had endured a long day of travelling, including an 8 hour wait at Brisbane airport for our flight home, Paula and Marty had left in the fridge a home made lasagna, with salad, fresh milk and bread. This was so lovely and very much appreciated, as I was too tired to do anything. Most importantly though, we were greeted by some very happy, healthy and contented pets. It was a huge relief to know that our pets and house had been so well cared for. All had been spoilt with more affection than they would normally get from us! It is with great pleasure that we write this letter of recommendation for Paula and Marty. We cannot thank them enough for taking such good care of our most precious possessions and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for someone to house sit. We would welcome them back to our home in an instant and have made new friends for life. Kind regards"
Raelene, Stephen, Owen, Grace & Maeve - Rupert, Flopsy, Walrus, Darwin & Daisy

Norwood SA - March 2018
"It was like coming home to see old friends! Paula and Marty were delightful house sitters. I think the cats were sorry to see them go! We recommend them as house sitters without reservation. Reliable, attentive - the house was clean as a whistle and the garden looked great too.
There was even a gift, a drink and a plate of cheese for us to enjoy in the evening.
I am sure our paths will cross again in the not too distant future.
Thank you so much to both of you!"
Grace & Tauto - Miss Kitty, Suki & the frogs

Launceston TAS - Jan 2018
"I can not thank Paula and Marty enough for the wonderful care of my home and animals. They were great. Correspondence was always prompt and so easy to plan everything. We went away for 10 days and we received photos and updates of the pets. When we got home the pets had new toys and Paula and Marty had planted some beautiful flowers in my front yard. They did an amazing job and I highly Recommend Paula and Marty. Thank you again - Cocoa and Gary will miss you" :-)
Bron & Ryan - Cocoa & Gary

Carrick TAS - Jan 2018
"I am very happy to recommend Paula and Marty as house sitters. House and garden and pets were all happy when we got home. House was beautifully clean - even my bed made and flowers from the garden on the bench. Paula sent us a few photos to demonstrate that the pets were comfortable (on their laps etc!) while we were away and this was reassuring. Garden had been watered and this was during a dry and hot patch so very appreciated."
Lani & Mark - Mike, Jasper, Rabbit & Chooks

Eggs And Bacon Bay TAS - Dec 2017
"We arrived home from our Christmas break to an immaculately clean home, and a plate of yummy delights in the fridge. Seems that our animals were totally spoilt - Paula and Marty certainly love animals! I was so grateful to be able to head away and leave the fur-babies with these house sitters who were very easy to communicate with, and who updated us with pictures while we were away. Thanks Paula and Marty!"
Fiona & John - Gus & Mia

Geeveston TAS - Dec 2017
"We can't recommend Paula and Marty highly enough as house and pet sitters. After our few days away, we came back to an immaculate home, freshly laundered sheets, a home-baked cake and a bouquet of flowers. There was even a gift for my 5 y o daughter (and Marty did the tricky lego construction himself). :) Most importantly for us, this couple clearly love animals and they took wonderful care of our sensitive collie (and the chooks). Throughout the process, they were considerate and communicative, delightfully warm and friendly, positive and good humoured. I wish them well and hope that they will come and sit for us again."
Carolyn & Alan - Lucie & the Chooks

Perth TAS - Dec 2017
"We couldn't have asked for better house sitters. Paula and Marty will love your pets and property like it is their own. If you only want a house sitter fine, but, if you also want new fabulous friends, you'll have that too. love them both to bits. Property and Oscar looked after beautifully. Highly recommend."
Vicki & Steve - Oscar the Ragdoll

Kilcunda VIC - Oct/Nov 2017
"Hi just need to thank Paula and Marty moose for taking the greatest care of our babies. Would gladly recommend them for your babies their kindness and care of our pets was greatly appreciated. My very shy Tinky cat who will hide for days if there's a stranger in the home became Paula's shadow, takes a special person for Tinky to love. Rastus and Indy miss their bones and wrestle with Marty .
Marty even became the chook whisperer and cared for a new born baby chick. We appreciated coming home to a cooked meal, happy contented pets and most of all new friends so if you need to highly recommend pet sitters these are your guys. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need the reassurance that your making the right decision."
Laure & Rod - Rastus, Indy, Tinky, Mollie & the Chooks

Williamstown SA - Sept 2017
"Dear Paula and Marty Thank you so much for looking after our home and pets so well! You were very easy to communicate with, very flexible, very responsive and responsible. We loved the photos that you sent us from the garden, our dog, and our cats. We had total trust in you, and had a great holiday - knowing that our place is in such good hands! We highly recommend you as house-sitters to other home owners. Thanks again, and see you on Thursday 10am!"
Stan & Nelly - Gina. the pussy cats & Chooks

Clovelly Park SA - Aug/Sept 2017
"Paula & Marty looked after our low maintenance home for 2 weeks & most importantly our elderly dog who requires regular medication & attention. They completed this sit to our satisfaction & we recommend them for a sit of this nature.. They even pot planted some flowers for us & Paula surprised us with a delicious hearty soup upon our arrival home, thank you Paula & Marty."
Marilyn & Keith - Jackie

Wattle Park SA - August 2017
"Paula and Marty looked after our home and pets for about 10 days. With 4 dogs and 3 cats it was a big ask! When we arrived home, the house was very clean and all the fur babies happy and content. Our pets are extremely important to us and we found Paula and Marty to be completely understanding of this, I warmed to them straight away. There were even flower arrangements from the garden thoughtfully left for us as a welcome home! They had even stripped the bed and had the washing in the machine, those little things that make a big difference. We also received an email half way through our holiday letting us know how everything was going for them. We would definitely recommend Paula and Marty to anyone requiring a home/pet sitter, we will most certainly contact them again for our next holiday."
Angela & Clint - Lenny, Chloe, Holly, Rosie, Bella, Roxy & Abby

Grange SA - August 2017
"Paula and Marty house sat for us and looked after our 2 big dogs August 2017. We were updated with emails while we were away and felt very comfortable with them in our home. The dogs were looked after very well and I think we're sad to see them leave. We returned home to not only a clean and tidy house but the weeds were done, the lawn mowed, all the washing done and not to mention the delicious cheese plate and vanilla slice waiting our arrival! They are great people who I would trust again with our house anytime. Thanks guys!!"
Chloe & Brett - Willow & Jett

Dawesley SA - July 2017
"Paula and Marty cared for our house and animals really well. The house was immaculate and the animals happy, healthy and clearly loved! Without any hesitation we would have Paula and Marty look after our home and animals again, highly recommended!"
Jane & John - Grace, Maya, Sake, Soju, the Chooks & Sheep

Tennyson SA - June - July 2017
"I have a naughty Spanador dog, Bengal cat and beautiful but bullied Burmese cat who likes to disappear. I was worried that they may have been too much for Paula and Marty to manage, I need not have worried. I came home to a well kept house and happy animals. Thank You Paula and Marty."
Chrissy & Roger - Ken, Kamir, Billee, the Fish & Turtles

Woodside SA - June 2017
"I had Paula and Marty house sit for me for two weeks in June. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They did a brilliant job and my animals took to them straight away. I always think animals are a great judge of character. The house was lovely and clean/tidy when we got home AND because we were late they even made us dinner because they knew we would be tired. I would use these guys again in a heartbeat they were great!"
Roz - George, Gilly & Penelope aka Pipi

Beauty Point TAS - May 2017
"Paula and Marty were great house sitters for us while we holidayed in Fiji, they looked after 2 cats, huge fish, a budgie and 2 not so friendly Dobermans. When we got home the house was clean, tea cooked for us, so great job Paula and Marty and the dogs miss you already."
Gina & Dave - Boozle, Bello, the Cats & Fish


- "Most importantly though, we were greeted by some very happy, healthy and contented pets" Rupert, Flopsy, Walrus, Darwin & Daisy.

- "this couple clearly love animals and they took wonderful care of our sensitive collie 'Lucie' (and the chooks)".

- "all the fur babies happy and content" Lenny, Chloe, Rosie, Holly, Bella, Roxy & Abby.

- "The dogs were looked after very well and I think were sad to see them leave" Jett, Willow ... & the goldfish.

- "the animals happy, healthy and clearly loved!" Grace, Maya, Soju, Sake & the 4 sheep.

- "came home to a well kept house and happy animals" Ken, Kamir, Billee & the Turtles.

- "my animals took to them straight away. I always think animals are a great judge of character" George, Gilly & Pipi.

- "dogs miss you already" Boozle & Bello.

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