Mum, Dad and two kids

About Sitter:

Hi, my name is Jon and I have a wife (Julia) and two kids, Benjamin 7 and Lucy 4. We live in the Gold Coast Hinterland on an acre with our chickens + Slick the rooster, vegetable patch and fruit trees. We are interested in house sitting in Tasmania for the life experience and pleasure it would afford our children. Both our kids are very much outdoors types, and love bushwalking farm visits particularly at our local cow and goat dairies.

My wife Julia is a Vet and I am an electrician, which tends to generate a practical hands on environment. We have both previously lived and traveled in Tasmania and love it there. I have had a couple of stints "down south" to the Antarctic so have resided in and around Hobart during these times. I am also a Qualified Justice of the Peace, included somewhat as a reference.

Mowing, gardening and looking after animals is most welcomed. We are panning to use my long service leave as an avenue to accomplish the house sitting. I look forward to a hearing from you.

Since Aug 2017
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