Mature Couple with time to look after your home and pets

About Sitter:

(NOT AVAILABLE 10/08/2019-15/09/2019 AS HOUSE SITTING) - We are a mature, quiet, responsible couple. My husband has recently retired from service in the Defence Force and I am presently working full time in Hobart CBD. We sold our home here in Hobart last year and took some time off to travel. We have returned to Hobart and commenced the process of building our next home, something that is likely to take 8-10 months.

We are presently staying in spare rooms with relatives but feel that this is unfair to them and that the opportunity to provide a service to homeowners while giving ourselves a bit more room would be mutually beneficial. We are both house proud and animal lovers and with my husband retired, he would be home during the day.

Since Jun 2019
  • House Sitter Name: Sheena
  • Are You: Couple
  • Region: South
  • Location: Eastern Shore or Hobart fringes.
  • Preferred Location: Eastern Shore or Hobart fringes.
  • Preferred Hours: I work full time and so may have difficulty answering the phone during those hours. My husbands contact details are - 0438 381 023 or