Married, reliable and trustworthy couple who are missing their own fur babies!

About Sitter:

Dear home owners,

We are a married couple who just finished two years of teaching in the Philippines (and four years in the UK) and decided to go on a world adventure! Luke is a primary school teacher and I am a high school chemistry teacher. We're from Brighton, UK, where we own a lovely home that we have rented out during our time away. We understand how it feels to leave your home in the hands of someone else and are very respectful of that. We keep a very tidy home and love to spend time with animals. We are non smokers, and are happy to spend as much time as you need taking care of your pets.

We are really a bit old before our time and the days of clubbing and partying are well behind us... We prefer to spend time in the countryside, hiking mountains or photographing wildlife.

As a result of our Australian adventure, we had to send our gorgeous Filipino rescue cat home to England to stay with friends, and so we no longer get our daily dose of grumpy cat love. We miss him dearly. We would love to look after your fur babies to satisfy our loss.

Please feel free to contact us ASAP about your needs.

Since Sep 2017
  • House Sitter Name: Sarah
  • Are You: Female
  • Region:
  • Location: We are open to any location
  • Preferred Location: We are open to any location
  • Preferred Hours: Preferably either email or text messages