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About Sitter:

I am relatively new to house-sitting as I have always owned my own home - I still do but am in the process of selling it - I have already moved (me, my suitcase and my laptop) to Tasmania, because it is where I want to live. I used to live here nearly twenty years ago, and well, I have missed it ever since I left so am SUPER HAPPY to be back! I am currently looking for another home to buy, and should I find one in the interim, I will most definitely complete any house sitting commitments I have currently or that I may make : I have a very supportive partner who takes care of whatever needs taking care of my end, so as to allow me to fulfill my commitments elsewhere.... and to be here to create the start of a new base here in Tassie for us both.

I used to have beautiful Burmese cat (Bartok) who has passed on now . He was the last in a line of feline friends all named after composers... I adore cats, am a "cat-person". I love dogs less (than cats) because I was once attacked by two feral dogs when I was out walking - But it does not take long to connect with them on a one-on-one basis if they are friendly and gentle ones. I am 56 - My Partner is 57 and a dream can-do-anything-fix-anything handy man. We are both non smokers. We both work from home and as long as there is internet available / reception for mobile, can do extended house sits (potentially). At this stage he is back in Queensland preparing house to ready it for going on the market, and will most likely stay there until it is is sold and packed up... So he may or may not join me on any house sits, and if I am sitting and we purchase a place of our own, he will go there and I will continue the house sit ... We kind of each like our own space, so no problem in this regard!

As a home owner, I really find I look after other people's places and things better than I would my own even. This sounds crazy, but it's like if I had someone staying in my home, how would I want them to be towards my things and my home in general... so I just try harder to be that person I would be happy to have in my own.... when I am in someone else's. Ditto for how would I have wanted them to be with Bartok.

I love hiking and being close to nature.- I just do day walks as I can't carry a heavy pack. Tasmania is soooo wonderful for hiking and walking. I love cooking (simple with fresh ingredients). Enjoy nights on the couch with a book (cat-on-lap) or a movie. What else can I tell you? I work 5 to six hours a day on the computer, sometime on the weekends too. I do like to go out with friends occasionally - to movies or music events or dinner - but am otherwise pretty much a home body.

I am currently in Mount Nelson and moving to another house sit in Margate in mid October (2019) - So I can easily come and meet with you and your pets to make sure we all like each other and are happy to sit with each other - very much a three-way thing! :)

Since Aug 2018
  • House Sitter Name: Barbara
  • Are You: Female
  • Region: South
  • Location: Hobart
  • Preferred Location: Hobart
  • Preferred Hours: sms anytime