Hazel and Haydn

About Sitter:

We are a couple of wanna be Grey Nomads from Adelaide who have fallen in love with Tasmania, we see house sitting as a perfect way of exploring this magnificent part of Australia. We own our own home but our 42 year old son has moved back home for a while making it a perfect time for us to escape We currently have a cat and a Galah but have also have had dogs in the past so we would treat you're pets just like our own. We are confident that you wouldn't be disappointed so please choose us.

Since Feb 2018
  • House Sitter Name: Hazel
  • Are You: Couple
  • Region: South, South East, East, West, North, North West, Central
  • Location: Anywhere in Tasmania
  • Preferred Location: Anywhere in Tasmania
  • Preferred Hours: nainieh@bigpond.com