Georg (German) and Marisa (an Aussie) keen to give you supreme peace of mind – now with experience all around Tasmanian housesits – assure you top marks with safety & cleanliness. Speak to us now!

About Sitter:

Our names are Marisa, an Aussie who harks from Brisbane and my husband/partner is Georg is German (think Christopher Plummer in “The Sound of Music” for those old enough!).

I am a very active 62 yr old, already ‘locuming’ as Social Worker in aged care; 69 yr old Georg has not long ago retired as an Obs. &. Gynae in Scotland (where we both normally live). We both own our own properties, here in Australia and Scotland, keen to explore the possibility of living 6 months in Bonnie Scotland and 6 in this fabulous Apple Isle.

Notwithstanding our ages, I am a keen swimmer (best stroke butterfly) and Georg’s a former ‘Munro (Scottish hills over 3,000 ft/913 m.) bagger’, having walked around 150 of them. We are pretty athletic by anyone’s standards.

We are currently in Tassie ‘til Georg returns to Scotland end of the first week in September and I stay on to work ‘til the end of the first week in January next year (thereafter back home to Bonnie Scotland too).

We both own our own homes back in Lanark in Scotland and I have a rental property also in Brisbane.

Interests, in & around swimming & hillwalking, are (for me) yoga & meditation retreats (using yoga each day as a way to stretch , keep fit and mentally vibrant in & around a challenging profession), galleries, dinner parties, writing entertaining emails & travelling the world. Georg is more academic, he likes anything to do with Science and/or Psychology (e.g. encounter groups & prolific reading of science books), cooking and family get-togethers with his brothers & daughter back in Germany. He had a (wait for it) pet monkey as a child growing up in Ethiopia (but his brothers had a horse and dog respectively), I’ve grown up with dogs, cats & guinea pigs (+ the odd silk worm) all my life & have recently come from 11 weeks of dog-walking my mum’s Cavoodle (Hamish, a spritely 6 yr old) twice a day (including occasional swims). Downside is that Georg is allergic to some cats - not all - just some (having said that, we are staying with friends in Tea Tree with a cat - and not a sneeze to date!).

We prize reliability so treasure people who are trustworthy and likewise. I adore animals of every persuasion but the reality is that I’m hoping to be working part-time while Georg acts as the house-husband, tending the hearth at home (that’s not to say I can’t do early-morning/late afternoon dog walks which I’ve just done in Brisbane with my mum’s cavoodle). Watering gardens is also relaxing in the late afternoon/early evening. I’m organised so everything but everything is ‘do-able’!

Our reference attests to our conscientiousness and trustworthiness and we are keen to get house sitting! Kindly let us know EITHER WAY if you would like to progress our application and hopefully, we can all help each other out with equal peace of mind.

Since Jun 2018
  • House Sitter Name: Marisa
  • Are You: Couple
  • Region: South
  • Location: Hobart or nearby
  • Preferred Location: Hobart or nearby
  • Preferred Hours: Keen to ‘snooker’ long-term housesits