Gary & Louise

About Sitter:

We are a retired couple and have been traveling in our caravan with our small and quite dog Poppy. Our home for the last 11 years is in Gympie Queensland. And over the last two years we have travelled to Tasmania for three months. And travelled the east coast of Australia. Being a well known Photographer Louise and I are looking for a place over the winter months. To base photographic trips from. Both Louise and I come from stable back grounds. Louise worked for a vet for the last 9 years of her working life. Gary Was a General Manager before moving to Gympie where he was working for Novotel for 9 years.
We have house sit in Tasmania. We had 5 weeks in Perth looking after a dog and two cats along with three hens. and have so far spent six weeks at the Swansea caravan park looking after the owners 2 Pugs while they are away over seas.

Gary & louise
Since Jan 2019
  • House Sitter Name: Gary & louise
  • Are You: Couple
  • Region: North West
  • Location: Any Location in Tasmania.
  • Preferred Location: Any Location in Tasmania.
  • Preferred Hours: Any time.