Conservation biologist

About Sitter:

Hello! I am a conservation biologist who is assisting with threatened species research in Tasmania. I recently completed my honours studies and I am preparing for a PhD. In between things, I work as a researcher and tree climber. I have been in Canberra the last five months but I am returning to Tasmania on September 22 to start spring work and plan my PhD. I am committed to being in Tasmania until January, if not indefinitely. This has come about suddenly and I am hoping I can find somewhere to stay via housesitting for the immediate future.
As a housesitter, I am respectful and considerate of your home, garden, pets, belongings and neighbours. I will treat your home as though it is my own. I have a lot of empathy and love for animals and enjoy working with plants. For further background on these points, I have been an authorised park ranger, nature revegetation worker and ecologist intern for an NGO with an enormous permaculture garden. In these roles, I worked directly with native animals, plants and community groups. At home, I have lived variously with lovely labradors, golden retrievers, a goofy galah, a cuddly cat or two and grown my own vegies.
All in all, I would say that I am trustworthy, tidy, considerate, capable and exercise great care. I am also quite handy should a storm or unforeseen event necessitate a level-headed response or basic repairs (of course I will notify you first and communicate about the best course of action) ...but I can use a lawnmower, drill, chainsaw, change lightbulbs, etc if required!
On a more personal level, I am rather low-key and I like to rise early and go to bed early. My work is often outside and physical so I enjoy relaxing at home afterwards by cooking a nice meal. I am fit and I have energy to walk dogs and hang out with other animals at the end of the day. For fun, I go hiking, climbing, snorkelling, to the markets, etc.
Finally, I have housesat on a few occasions and I can supply references on request. From my end, I am traveling with my 4WD so I ideally would like somewhere to park it.
Feel free to contact me if you think I am a good match for your house! Look forward to talking!

Since Jan 2019
  • House Sitter Name: Giselle
  • Are You: Female
  • Region: South
  • Location: Within 30 mins of Hobart
  • Preferred Location: Within 30 mins of Hobart
  • Preferred Hours: After hours is best but I can be flexible! I just can't talk when I'm in a tree (a lot of the time)! Text will get my attention immediately/within 2 hours. Allow 24hrs for an email response :)