Caring Family

About Sitter:

Pip: 50, Professional Traveller
David: 47, Professional Traveller

Our Family, 2 Adults and 3 Children (17,14,10), are a fulltime travelling family looking to have as many amazing experiences as possible around Australia. During our two and a half years on the road we have undertaken numerous house-sits and help-exchanges, as well as paid work in a variety of fields. We have a passion for sustainability, be it in food production, energy production or building and we are always keen to share what we know and to learn more.

We have unschooled our children for about 10 years which means they have been free to follow their passions with our support and to learn from all that life has to offer.

We are a family who loves music and you'll often hear us singing away and Dave plays his guitar to our joyful, but not always tuneful accompaniment.

Our kids: 17 yo boy is quiet, shy and retiring but very bright and passionate about all things computer, history, wood working and guitar. It can take a bit to coax him out but he is a gentle, kind guy who enjoys things being quiet.

14 yo girl loves horses, dogs, fashion, makeup, singing and gymnastics. She's the kid who leaves the park with a pack of new BFF's, she's lively, kind and the world best big sister.

10 yo girl is another one who can take a bit of coaxing out but when she's ready she's full of love, laughs and joy. She loves to sing, dance, create make believe worlds and let everyone know they are special to her. She wants to be an author when she grows up and give the proceeds to help save the animals.

The kids are independent, cooperative and respectful of others space and needs. We have our own accommodation in the form of a caravan, so only require the space to park the van, and access to power, water, and bathroom facilities. Although we are of course happy to stay in the house if you'd prefer.

Pip and David are both fit, energetic and personable, and can offer a wide range of skills and experience. They have excellent people skills, literacy, numeracy and computer skills.

Pip's skills cover; Food - Cooking, nutrition, food as medicine, cooking classes (sourdough bread, basic fermentation, Thermomix), Barista, RSA certificate. Fully qualified and experienced remedial massage and Reiki therapist (17 years experience). Workshop coordinator and retreat facilitator. Garden maintenance - especially food gardens. Small business administration, office admin skills, customer service management, retail, sales and marketing, budget management, event coordination (large and small events).

David's skills and experience cover; Tourism, bus driving, tour guide, Hot Air Balloon ground crew; Adult Education, motorcycling and sustainability; Driving, NSW Medium Rigid Truck and Motorcycle licence, 4WD and towing experience, QLD Drivers Authority for public vehicles; Hospitality and Retail, bar, cafe, shop and kitchen, RSA; Farm Work, raised on a fruit orchard and horse stud, and lived and worked on a cattle property in his teens; Handyman Skills, proficient in the use of most tools, experience in the electrical and building industries; Gardening, mowing, pruning, tractor work, chainsawing; Maintenance, maintaining and repairing electrical and mechanical Equipment.

Pip & David
Since Jan 2018
  • House Sitter Name: Pip & David
  • Are You: Couple
  • Region: East, North
  • Location: We are open to sitting in most areas although at the moment north east would suit our plans best.
  • Preferred Location: We are open to sitting in most areas although at the moment north east would suit our plans best.