Caring, clean and reliable carer

About Sitter:

I am a single mature aged woman and after a year of travelling through India I'm not yet ready this year for a permanent home. So housesitting is ideal for me and I'm wanting to find a home for six months in Tasmania where I can complete the writing of my book. I'm a lover of nature and silence. Although I have resided in Qld most of my life I am Tasmanian born and have many relatives there and am longing to spend some time in my home state.
I'm a huge cat lover and the idea of having a cat to talk to whilst I write is very appealing. Being a virgo, I am a neat and cleanliness freak and will treat your home and your beautiful animals with utmost respect and care. I will strive to leave your home even better than I find it. I have my own car.
In the past I have been a house owner so I have only house sat for various family members who are happy to give references, yet I know this may appear biased so unfortunately I have no other non-family references. But happy to meet with you and do a short trial if this suits. I am now booked with housesitting until 9th January so will be free from then until end March. I look forward to connecting with those who feel we can be a good match.
Warm regards, Susanne

Since Nov 2019
  • House Sitter Name: Susanne
  • Are You: Female
  • Region: South
  • Location: South, south east, east, north, north west
  • Preferred Location: South, south east, east, north, north west