Capable and considerate House Sitter – Property, pets, gardens

About Sitter:

Just finished lease on property and looking to stay in Launceston another 3-6 months without committing to another 12 months. Plenty of local references available. Very practical and handy - have worked as school caretaker and had a handyman service. No pets of my own at the moment, have had dogs and cats, my last ones were a German Shepherd and Snowshoe, Russian Blue and Ragdoll cats. Happy to use my own everyday stuff, towels, sheets, pillow - I am vegetarian and use my own frypan etc. Can contribute to utilities on longer assignments.

Since Nov 2018
  • House Sitter Name: David
  • Are You: Male
  • Region: North
  • Location: Launceston
  • Preferred Location: Launceston
  • Preferred Hours: e-mail initially please