Business Owners Relocating to Hobart

About Sitter:

Hi, James and I have sold our 3 acre property at Devon Hills to return to Hobart. Our current home in Otago is being rented until September 2020. This came about because we moved to Launceston for, initially, a 3 year period to pursue work interests. However, we have decided to return to Hobart and recommence our boat repair business and find ourselves with limited options for housing until the lease on our property runs out in September 2020.

We could live with elderly parents but we think that would be too tiring for them and too stressful for us. (They insist on doing virtually everything for you and I know they couldn't keep that up for too long.) So, we are hoping to be able to housesit in the meantime.

We are both in our late 50's. James has a background in boat building and up until I semi-retired 2 months ago I worked for the public service in administration for 12 years. Prior to that we were working in the Whitsundays for 6 years, James working aboard and maintaining the day cruise boat Maxi Ragamuffin (a retired ocean racer) and I was in Admin at the Proserpine Sugar Mill.

We have a 36 foot motor cruiser which we sailed to, and returned from, Queensland, and it is where we'll live, with our dogs, when we're not housesitting (which is not ideal for our dogs in the long term).

Our dogs are two small terriers who have lived with cats (so tend to ignore them normally) and are able to share their space with other dogs (Lisa has a girlfriend on the NW coast who has 2 dogs and they visit us regularly for weekend stays. All 4 of them spend Easter holidays together every year). Rocky (9) and Banjo (7) are both house-trained and also used to living outside in a dog house. We will be taking them to work with us each day, otherwise they will be at home with Lisa when she is not onsite at our business premises. We would, therefore, prefer a house with a safely enclosed yard in which to keep the dogs as we prefer them outside rather than inside.

As our home is currently being rented out and we have owned rental properties in Hobart in the past, we appreciate the work, effort, money, time and love that goes into a home and would treat any place where we stay as our own and keep it as lovingly as we would our own place. There is nothing worse than seeing all your hard work being ruined by lazy tenants, which is what we are currently experiencing and it's demoralising, stressful and heart-breaking. We will not do that to you.

We will be housesitting near New Norfolk from Christmas until late January 2020.

Lisa and James
Since Dec 2019
  • House Sitter Name: Lisa and James
  • Are You: Couple
  • Region: South
  • Location: Hobart suburbs
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