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Hi, we are- The Bromleys at your service, Bruce, Lisa and Savannah.
We are a quiet respectful family, conscientious of the responsibilities of looking after someone else’s home, impeccably while homeowners are away. ‘We’ consist of myself, Bruce, my wife Lisa and daughter Savannah, who is nine. We are on our own special journey having moved from the UK, who are being keen to experience different areas of Tasmania through house sitting to gain a feeling for a region in which we could eventually buy our own home.

We completed our first sits soon after we arrived on The Spirit of Tasmania in September attracting some positive reviews. We are currently house-sitting at West Launceston and have acquired a number of house-sits into the early months of next year. We always appreciate a longer house-sit when available but welcome all sitting opportunities from one week as a minimum. However, whatever the length of time or the animals you have please do not hesitate to contact us. Looking after your pets in your own home is our number one priority.

Whether through contact by mobile 0481994147 or Skype / Facetime we would welcome chatting about the service we can provide to meet your house and pet sitting needs.

Please read on to find out more about us! Who we are, where we are from and why we have chosen to do house sitting!
Hi, I'm Bruce. We arrived in Sydney from the UK on 8th July following the sale of our house and the granting of my permanent residency visa. For seven weeks we lived with my wife's mother (and her 3 cats) in Shellharbour, NSW while we waited for a few personal possessions to arrive and sort out our Medicare and buy our 'Ellie' a Nissan Elgrand to carry us down the Pacific Highway to Melbourne and across on The Spirit of Tasmania. Our goal is to eventually buy somewhere in Tasmania, but we are keen to explore the island to find the perfect place to settle down. What better way to search for our island hideaway than moving around from place to place while providing a quality pet and home sitting service throughout the state. If you are planning to be away during any of our available dates, please contact us. We can travel anywhere throughout Tasmania.
Lisa and I have been married for 17 years and were fortunate to have our daughter, Savannah, later in our lives. She is now aged 9 and is home schooled while we are be travelling around.

I am 64 and retired in July 2018 from 13 years of being a casual primary school teacher to focus on selling up our bungalow, in the North Worcestershire countryside, where we had lived in for 12 years, - Having one acre of land I am a keen gardener and handyman who doesn't mind some light physical work doing some maintenance or gardening jobs around a property if required.

Lisa, who is 55, prior to coming to living in the UK since 2007, originated from Paramatta in NSW and had a career as a librarian. Last year, she had a hernia operation, so she is keen to do more walking to build up her fitness. We are both non-smokers. I like an occasional cider but besides that we have no addictive or negative habits!!!
During my wife's childhood her family kept various breeds of dogs though during adult life, like myself as had a cat. It was upsetting for us to move without our four cats however we were fortunate to find all of them new homes before we left the UK. We have kept a number of rabbits and a while ago I have kept goats, chickens, and ducks.

Our joy is our daughter, Savannah who you can work out we had later in life. She is an animal fanatic and confident around all sorts of animals. She loves dogs and takes every opportunity to greet dogs who are out and about with their owners in the street and parks. She has asked if she can have a dog of her own but not sure what breed she would like so house sitting where there is a dog is giving her lots of opportunities to experience different breeds. She has an interest in learning how to train dogs. She also has a list for a menagerie of animals to keep once we have our own home therefore the experience looking after other people's animals alongside us will give her an insight into the responsibility she will have to have. When she is old enough, she has her mind set to work in an animal rescue centre.

Besides respecting and maintaining your home in a clean and tidy state, you can be assured that between us your pets and animals will be well looked after and cared for as if they were our own. They will be our number one priority and will only be left for occasional short periods while getting the experience and feel for living within your location.
On a personal note for our own needs, we would require accommodation as a family of three though we have back up in the form of a camper van to supplement available accommodation if required. We have different entertainment preferences therefore a TV and a home wi-fi link would be welcome specially to access Savannah's home education links.
Thank you for taking the time to read about us and we look forward to you contacting us.

Bruce, Lisa and Savannah

Bruce & Lisa
Since Aug 2019
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