A Puurfect Solution Fur All

About Sitter:

Hi my name is Tanya, and I understand the relief it feels to know that your fur baby's are safe and in good hands. So I'm here to assist, and can assure you a stress free break, as I can guarantee your little (or big) friend/s will become my best buddy in no time!
About myself - I'm a recently separated, very young 53 yr old, and whilst waiting for my new house to become available and was asked to babysit Mad Max the cat for a while. Since then I have found myself pet sitting privately, and found my niche as I have always known I had a special connection with all animals since being a child, so helping you guys out is also helping me ...and I love what I'm doing! :-)
My own pets have ranged from Rosie my Clydesdale horse (now deceased) right down to Winnie my Wombat (now released) pet pigs, huggable Turkeys, Ferrets (also very clean and huggable,) birds and everything in between lol, so the more you have the merrier I will be!
I can supply (private) recommendations to put your mind at rest, so call me and lets have a chat.
Sincerely hoping I can help
Tanya :-)

Since Sep 2020
  • House Sitter Name: Tanya
  • Are You: Female
  • Region: South, East, West, North
  • Location: North, East, South, West
  • Preferred Location: North, East, South, West
  • Preferred Hours: Good internet so I can continue working while I am there please