48yrs professional

About Sitter:

My elderly parents are in Launceston and I have recently returned to Tasmania from Melbourne, Adelaide and overseas to be closer to them at this point in their lives.

I own a rental unit in Launceston, which I am organising maintenance work on for May 2018.

My background is in computer-based design work, across print publications, online content and advertising, and I currently work on self-run projects in these areas. This means I work from my laptop mostly, with some office hours spent in the Enterprize Launceston shared working space.

I recently completed a house-sit in South Hobart looking after an 8-year old cat and, until around 4 years ago, had pets of my own.

I am happy to provide my work CV for more detail, along with my owner reference from Harcourts, the real estate company that manages my rental unit. I can provide a reference from the recent house-sit in South Hobart (December 2017 to January 2018), and can forward a copy of a Police Check.

I am a non-smoker and am single.

Since Jan 2018
  • House Sitter Name: Wade
  • Are You: Male
  • Region: North
  • Location: To May 2018 - Northern, broad Launceston region
  • Preferred Location: To May 2018 - Northern, broad Launceston region
  • Preferred Hours: Preferably contact by email first (as mobile is often in silent mode)