33yr old, non smoker, animal lover

About Sitter:

Hi, I'm Claire. I'm 33 years old, single and a non-smoker. I love my own space, and can be a bit of a homebody so take great pride in looking after anywhere that I am staying. I love animals, and enjoy getting out into the garden if it requires any maintenance. I work full time but choose to work from home sometimes for some extra peace and quiet.

I have house sat on and off for a couple of years. Looked after cats, dogs, and chickens. Including dogs that have required daily medication. I have really enjoyed the experience I have had doing this and would love to do it on a more regular basis.

Happy to discuss all necessary financial arrangements, and I am open to what ever works best for you. Things like stocking up on the basics like bread and milk before you arrive home or I'd be happy for you to leave a grocery list and I can do some shopping for you so it allows you to get home and relax straight away!

I hope to hear from you sometime, and looking forward to house sitting your house soon!

Since Dec 2017
  • House Sitter Name: Claire
  • Are You: Female
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  • Location: Owenclaire25@gmail.com
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