Watching the animals

About Owner:

There are chickens, ducks, 2 beautiful heelers, 2 loving cats and 3 horses that will love the new comers attention.
Feeding all if them daily is a requirement.
The house boasts one hell of a view of the Tamar and the sunsets from this place are beyond extraordinary!
It's warm and cosy when cold with a beautiful fireplace to keep you roasted. In summer the gardens are amazing to walk through and the coolest place to explore is under the canopy of the bush only metres from the house.

Since Jun 2022
  • House Owner: Sharon
  • Region: North
  • Location: Swan Bay
  • From: 16/07/2022 To 25/07/2022
  • House Type: House
  • Car Space: 1
  • Have Pets: Yes