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About Owner:

Hi all, Nige & I are active retired professionals, we have a beautiful home in sunny Bicheno with full ocean views & are looking for another Tazzy couple to coordinate with us on a semi regular basis, so we can travel the rest of the state & do mainland trips in our camper.
Please note: when I say regular, it will simply be on an agreed date & length of time. Might be a week or 3 months?
We are in town with all amenities.
Lots to do, hiking, wine tasting, golf, etc
We do have a BnB which “if booked” we will pay you for cleaning or pay a cleaner to come in.

We have a super friendly dog, cat & 7 chickens. So fresh eggs are on the menu daily... even blue ones!
We have an extensive veggie patch which you can choose to maintain & eat what you grow!!

We ideally would love another active retired Tazzie couple that would be happy to consider they have a holiday house where they can come and enjoy the sunny East coast.

Since Sep 2020
  • House Owner: Laura
  • Region: East
  • Location: Bicheno
  • From: 30/05/2021 To 30/07/2021
  • House Type: House
  • Car Space: 1
  • Have Pets: Yes