Simple but Cozy home filled with two furry kids

About Owner:

I am looking for an animal loving house sitter to stay at my place and look after my Narlee girl (8 year old Kelpie x ) and Tiger (6 months old kitten).
Narlee is a real adventure dog and loves hiking or any outdoor activity. She is originally from a remote community in WA and has travelled all over Australia... But when at home she loves spending her days sleeping and watching TV.
Tiger recently joined us after separating from
My partner and his dog which made malre very lonely and sad. Tiger is first very shy but when he knows you there is no holding back. He likes to run up the walls to chase flies or running through the house like a cyclone but he sleeps at night and likes to cuddle up in bed next to you. He is not allowed outside but I have started to harness train him and so he really enjoys his outings in the garden ... he also has a cat backpack to join Narlee and me on our daily walks (but I am not in any way expect that from anyone :)) him and Narlee are very well bonded. Being a kitten he still needs supervision but has a set up cat room where he can be left when leaving the house.
Before tiger moved in I used to have a lot of plants ... not so many now lol ... my place is in a very safe abs quiet area with lots of amazing walking tracks on my doorstep (trevallyn reserve, Kate Reed reserve as well as dog parks).
There is an option for me to get a dog walker 4-5 times a week if needed.

Feel free to ask me more questions

Since May 2021
  • House Owner: Anna
  • Region: North
  • Location: Summerhill
  • From: 11/06/2021 To 25/06/2021
  • House Type: Unit
  • Car Space: 1
  • Have Pets: Yes